Keynote Talks

Maureen Swan has a national reputation for speaking to healthcare executives and board members.  She has spoken to multiple state hospital associations, Medical Group Management Association and its regional affiliates, Forum for Healthcare Marketing and Strategy, The Alliance for Healthcare Strategy, and multiple other national groups.

Maureen, I want you to know how much I enjoyed your presentation at the Michigan Hospital Association Trustees Conference. I spoke to several Trustees and associates and we all agreed that your presentation was GREAT. I could have listened to you for hours. You have an ability to present complicated information in a very straightforward way. I look forward to hearing you speak again.

Gary L. Roth, D.O., FACOS, FCCM, FACS
Medical Director, Michigan Health & Hospital Association Keystone Center

Thanks so much for being with us at our IHA 2014 Trustee Conference. No surprise to me, you were the star of the conference—all perfect scores of "5" on attendees' evaluations. I haven't seen that before! The Trustees were thrilled with your talk.

Cathy Arnold
Director Member Service, Indiana Hospital Association

Currently, Maureen is speaking on each of the following topics:

Healthcare 2020-2025: The End of the Bubble in an ACO World

A provocative review of the macro-economic drivers that are forcing change in healthcare, this talk creates a compelling story for CEOS, medical staff, and board members around the transformative changes we are experiencing in healthcare. It covers the shifting trends of payment, provider integration, clinical care model redesign, and the drive for efficiency. It shares a strategic playbook to help hospitals and systems position to take the next steps in preparing for the future.

Seeing Beyond Reform: A Leadership Roadmap for Success

As we enter the post ACA world there are clear strategic platforms that winning hospitals and health systems will create and sustain. This session is a review of those platforms and provides a roadmap for C-Suite leaders and Trustees to assess their own organization’s position and readiness for the new post ACA World.

Punch Above Your Weight Class: Thriving as a Community Hospital in a Super-Sized World

How can independent or smaller community hospitals thrive in the new world that is increasingly dominated by large systems, large insurance companies and large suppliers? This session inspires community hospital leaders and trustees to understand their unique value proposition in today’s market and how to innovate and partner to ensure their success.

You’re Married and You Didn’t Know it: How to Make Physician Relationships Work

Hospital-physician integration and collaboration is increasingly required in the world of pay for performance. This talk discusses the why’s of physician collaboration and integration, with a practical bent toward how to improve typically challenging situations.

System Affiliations: How and Why You Might Want to Hook Up

Community hospital independence is increasingly difficult to maintain in a world with declining reimbursements and growing regulations from healthcare reform. This session highlights the trends of system affiliations, along with practical learnings on the what, why and how of approaching an affiliation decision. It offers practical insight to these deals and gives CEOs and boards a set of steps to take to ensure success in their evaluation process.

Lessons From the Leading Edge: What Minnesota Systems and Hospitals Have Learned in the Post ACA World

Minnesota has long held the reputation and position of being an early adopter of health delivery changes. The land with Mayo Clinic, 5 Pioneer ACO Health Systems, early physician integration, and insurance giant United Healthcare offer lessons from what is often the bleeding edge of change. This session will highlight key lessons that CEOs and Trustees can use to navigate away from pitfalls and manage their own strategic path to success.

The Top Ten Things Every Trustee Needs to Understand About Healthcare

Hospital Trustees often enter healthcare and require considerable time to understand the complexity and nuances of the industry. This session provides a fast track set of understandings that Trustees must understand about healthcare and its differences from other industries. It provides tips for Trustees to navigate the challenges they will experience in the boardroom as they enter the brave world of healthcare.

Guiding From the Top: Now That I’m A Hospital Trustee, What Do I Do?

Whether a new or seasoned trustee, all hospital board members need to understand the keys roles and responsibilities of hospital or health system Trustees. This session explains the key functions of the board, the individual trustees roles and how to work effectively. It provides insight to typical Board challenges and tips for all trustees to improve their performance.

How To Keep Patients In Town: Tips for Community Hospitals

For most community or rural based hospitals, a key strategic challenge is keeping patients in town for care. This session focuses on the key elements that drive improvement in a hospital’s “in-town” market share and provides a model to assess current opportunities and improve preference and usage of the local hospital.

High Performing Boards in a Post ACA World

This session highlights the impact the ACA has had on governance and how hospital boards need to adapt to ensure they are providing adequate oversight in quality, understand the growing importance of pricing transparency, how financial realities will change, and how they can ensure their own competencies and skills align to the demands of the post ACA World.

Sample of Maureen Speaking

From Endgame: The Bursting of the U.S. Healthcare Bubble